• Don’t pick, peel or scratch it. Seriously. Do. Not.
  • ​No Sunlight.
  • No hot-tubs, no beach, no long therapeutic tub soaks.
  • Naked cuddles with your pet. Also don’t let them sleep in your bed. Keep your bedding clean and free of pet dander, fur and dirt which if introduced to your healing tattoo can quickly lead to infection.
  • Ignore all wives tales regarding tattoos.
  • Give your skin at least 2 weeks to heal and calm down. You have this tattoo for life. Don’t rush your tattoo healing process. Some tattoos may take longer to heal than others based on location and how densely packed the ink is.


After you leave TIMELESS follow the advice given closely, avoid direct sunlight and tight fitting clothing rubbing against the freshly tattooed area, once your home remove the covering (unless otherwise advised) gently bathe your new tattoo with an unscented antimicrobial soap (ask for recommendation if unsure of whats suitable, dr bronners pure castle soap is excellent) pat dry with a clean paper/towel.
If you was advised to dry heal the tattoo, its simply that. Keep the area clean and dry, apply NO! Creams/ointments and DO NOT pick at it! apply moisturiser when advised.
WE love tattooing, if you’re unsure ask for advice theres no silly question.